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Regularly servicing your vehicle will keep it safe, in good condition and running well. It also ensures the vehicle holds its value should you decide to move it on and get a newer or different model.

If you're from further afield, why not take advantage of our beautiful location in the seaside town of Sheringham. Leave your car with us and visit the steam train, have a portion of chips on the beach, try the lifeboat museum, have an ice cream on the prom and pick up you car later on with renewed MOT and fully serviced.

Henries offers two types of service:

Short Service

oil & filter change

suspension components check

brakes check with wheels on

lights, levels & tyres

washers & wipers

Annual Service

oil and all filters if applicable

plugs if applicable

brakes checked with wheels removed

suspension components checked

steering rack checked

wheel bearings checked

tyre pressures and tread

brake pipes

lights & switches

safety belts

washers, wipers & fluids

We also offer a safety check for Mini-buses  up to 4000kg. This check ensures your vehicle is fit for road use and passenger transportation.

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